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Nonton Film Pocong vs Kuntilanak (2008) Subtitle Indonesia - Bareng21

Pocong vs Kuntilanak (2008)

Quality: Year: Duration: 90 MinView: 44 views

Nonton Film Pocong vs Kuntilanak (2008) Subtitle Indonesia – The film starts in the Dutch Colonial Era of Indonesia, where we are informed of Raden Soekotjo’s feelings toward Nyi Soroh. As the film opens, Raden is going to Nyi’s house to tell her of his feelings for her. She however, has already fallen in love and married a Dutch sea captain named Von Klingen. Angered by that prospect, Raden killed Nyi, which awakened her family’s Kuntilanak spirit guardian. Heading after Von Klingen next, Raden became when he found out that the Kuntilanak was after him. He tries to escape, but the Kuntilanak kills him. Before death however, Raden tells one of his relatives not to undo the rope around his pocong shroud, which would allow him to turn into a Pocong spirit.

Language:Bahasa indonesia

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