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Nonton Film Kuntilanak Beranak (2009) Subtitle Indonesia - Bareng21

Kuntilanak Beranak (2009)

Genre: Horror
Quality: Year: Duration: 90 MinView: 48 views
2 votes, average 6.8 out of 10

Nonton Film Kuntilanak Beranak (2009) Subtitle Indonesia – Some youngsters cajole a couple of their friends to help in their attempt to make a documentary about a dancer who disappeared and was said to have been murdered, and whose body was never found. Rumors abound, causing much of the village where she lived to become deserted. After getting a lead from an oddball villager, they decide to break into the house which is said to be the site of the murder. What they find there is much more than they ever could have bargained for…

Language:Bahasa indonesia

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